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From The Desk Of: Norm McIntyre
Dear Friend,

Since youíve found this website, I suppose itís okay to let you know Ö ďIím a study freak.Ē The truth is, Iím always on the Internet looking for studying tips and tricks. Thatís what led me to put this website up. Let me explain Ö

While surfing around the Internet, I stumbled upon something so fantastic that it immediately got my attention Ö In fact, I discovered something so amazing, at first I thought it was "too good to be true," like most things are.

You see, a few months ago I was doing some research on one of the most well-known and respected study skills instructors in recent history. I noticed that most of his work was available and accounted for, with the exception of one of his most important pieces of work, "How To Study." 

Well, this got me curious, and so I started digging a little deeper. I sent out a few emails asking questionsÖ Unfortunately, every road I seemed to head down was a dead end - until a couple of weeks ago, that is.

By a stroke of luck, I emailed my story to one of my favorite siteís webmasters, and as it turned out, he had an old copy of this difficult to book - it was right under my damn nose. After numerous emails, I finally got him to mail me his copy.

I Uncovered One Of The Most Important Manuscripts On Learning How To Study Of All Time ...

Even though it was first published some years ago,  this book is one of the most informative study aid texts I have ever seen.

In the 11 chapters, hereís just a snippet of what youíll learn:

  • Learn 100 times faster.
  • The early findings of young people who employed various methods of studying their material. Some of these are astounding.
  • What a study of 842 children revealed, and why 14 of them did something completely different.
  • The peculiar system of "mnemonics" and how it fits in with developing a photographic memory.
  • What an in-depth research undertaking of 165 teachers revealed about studying.
  • What the Eskimo has to do with studying. It is very interesting, what this insight reveals.
  • How a "parable" from the Bible helps people to study. This one little secret will increase your ability to retain information and recall it whenever you like.

And thereís loads more ...

At this point, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on a copy Ö

Well, hereís the good news.

After doing even more research (I told you I was a studying freak) I have contacted the original copyright owners and gained permission to re-publish the original and complete work on this website.

Developing proper study skills is my passion, and I want to share it with as many people as possible. Believe it or not, Iíve decided to do something completely unheard of these days: Iím going to let you have this amazing manuscript for nothing.

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